Illini SFPE Engineering Open House Exhibit

Live-fire propane training exercise at IFSI

On March 13, 2015, Illini SFPE hosted their annual Engineering Open House demonstration on the Engineering Quad. The demonstration, which was performed three times, involved igniting two fires simultaneously in two seperate 4 ft x 8 ft compartments, one containing a fire sprinkler and the other without a fire sprinkler. The fire sprinkler was able to control and in some cases completely extinguish the fire in its compartment, while the compartment without the fire sprinkler was overwhelmed with fire. The demonstration exhibited the effectiveness of automatic fire sprinklers, along with the stages of fire growth and the destructive power of an uncontrolled fire. Thanks to everyone who made EOH possible; as always, the event was a huge success, and Illini SFPE is looking forward to participating again next year!

Fire Prevention Month with Illini SFPE

Fire Prevention Night

To celebrate Fire Prevention Month last October, Illini SFPE hosted a "Fire Prevention Night" at the Illinois Fire Service Institute (IFSI) in Research Park. The event included a tour of IFSI's fire research laboratory and firefighter training grounds, along with a presentation from several fire protection engineers from the engineering firm Amped-I. Illini SFPE would like to thank IFSI, Amped-I, and everyone else who made the event a success!

Teaching Lessons in Fire Safety at a local elementary school

Also during Fire Prevention Month, Illini SFPE collaborated with UIUC's Engineering Outreach Society to teach lessons in fire safety at a local elementary school in Urbana. The lesson focused on the elements needed to sustain a fire: heat, oxygen, and fuel. By the end of the lesson, the students were able to better understand why fire extinguishers and other tools are used for fire suppression. The lesson also focused on preventing fires related to Jack-o-lanterns, as it was near Halloween when the lesson was given. The students enjoyed the demonstrations and had many questions about fire scenarios and prevention strategies.


Club Group Picture

Illini Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE) was founded in 2013 and was nationally recognized as an official SFPE chapter in 2014. The group consists of UIUC students, staff, and faculty who promote the science of Fire Protection Engineering on campus and in the surrounding community through hosting events with guest speakers, sponsoring an annual Engineering Open House exhibit, and planning various social functions.



President Joseph Willi

Joseph Willi


Vice-President Jack Regan

John Regan

Vice President

Secretary-Treasurer Alex Klieger

Alex Klieger


Membership/Social Chair Nicholas Traina

Nicholas Traina

Membership/Social Chair

Outreach Chair Ian McNamara

Ian McNamara

Outreach Chair


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